29th March - 19th April

An exhibition by students from the Master Programme in Fine Art at Valand Academy.

Over the past six months we have been working with The Maritime Museum and Aquarium's collections and staff. The result is an exhibition that oscillates between the museum and our individual practices. The title MELLANKOMST refers to this idea: to arrive in between, to intervene, to be present in the gaps.

We have grasped fragments that connect to our own practices. We have guessed at the purpose of curious objects, sniffed three-hundred year old tea, searched for the octopus, paced the yard outside, felt sorry for the fish, eaten sandwiches in the café and listened.

We navigate freely on a fleeting history. To make an encounter between an historical museum and contemporary art makes for a certain friction. But friction also generates warmth and new energy and we can collectively start fires. See this exhibition as a fen-fire or a signal flare, illuminating the in-betweens and seeking new stories.

Cilla Berg, Emil Carlsiö, Laura Darbutaite, Bronze Dog, Gabriel Edvinsson, Theodora Ekholm, Riikka Gröndahl, Danielle Heath, Kaisa Luukkonen, Johan Melander, Johan Rikenberg, Hanna Romin and Lucy Wilson.